Design Consultation

Can a Design Consultation be done remotely?
My first preference is always to meet in person to see your space and style. However, I know this can’t always be done and am willing to meet virtually. Let’s chat about it.

Can a Design Consultation lead to a full design or Renovate with Kate project?
Absolutely! Even though we’ve already chatted, sometimes a project scope changes once we meet.

Designer for a Day

What is included in a Designer for the Day Package?
This fabulous day of all things design should last around six hours. First, we’ll meet and hone in on exactly what we’re looking to accomplish that day and make a game plan.

From there we’ll hit all of my go-to’s to be sure we’re taking care of everything on the list. I like to stop midday to refuel for lunch—my treat.

After that, we’ll wrap up the rest of the day making sure you feel accomplished and ready to implement all the new goodies we’ve found.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance for a Designer for the Day service?
Yes! Always, yes! We’ll chat before and I’ll let you know exactly what you’ll need to be sure we maximize our day. I’ll also follow up with an email to make sure that list is not forgotten. Let’s call it “homework light”—things like measuring a room or bringing any inspiration.

Renovate with Kate

What is included in the Renovate with Kate package?
Renovate with Kate is a full-service design option. We work with you from the design through the execution of the entire project. This service is custom priced based on your needs and the estimated amount of design time.

What is the process for a Renovate with Kate project?
A full-service design project requires lots of attention, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! I like to split this project into two phases: Design and Implementation.

Phase 1: Design

We kick off our project with a meeting so we fully understand all the ins and outs of your project. We’ll go through questionnaires and talk about likes and dislikes and anything else that may be relevant. We’ll also take measurements to understand how much space we have to work with.

Design: Our team will work to create a design plan that meets all your needs and expectations. We’ll source materials, design custom pieces and create a look that both enhances and fits seamlessly into your home.

Design Review: At this meeting, our team will review our suggestions for the space. You’ll see elevations and plans so you can visualize how your space will come to life.

Design Feedback: You may not love everything that we come up with and we’re okay with that! We offer two rounds of revisions before additional fees will be applied. If you are delighted with all our initial design proposals, our Design Phase is now complete!

Phase 2: Project Management

Project Oversight: Do you need help implementing all the design plans we’ve made? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In this portion of the project, we work with the general contractors, trades, installers, etc., to make sure the plan successfully comes to fruition.

Product Delivery/Installation: In this part of the process we make sure that everything we ordered comes in and is installed in perfect condition. We work with all the trades to ensure that your end results are exactly as we planned.


Do you have trades that you only work with or can I use my trusted contractor?
Absolutely! I have a group of professionals who I know and trust and can recommend for us to use. However, I’m always open to working with the people you know and trust.

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